Nesting Doll Pottery's roots are grounded in the backyard of an Anderson, South Carolina home. Established in 2014, our handmade wares are made to celebrate your daily rituals. Nesting Doll operates under the belief that there is nothing more precious than daily routine and nothing more intimate than the touch of clay. We use regional clay that resembles burnt umber once fired to temperature (2200° F). You can often find naked spaces of clay left unglazed - allowing your fingertips to experience the earth.

Emily Sizemore is the maker behind Nesting Doll Pottery. Her life is built on routine and ritual, and her work mirrors this with visual rhythm and meditative mark-making. Finding it both exciting and challenging to make work used in daily life, her ceramic wares explore mindfulness, spirituality, and the sensuality of clay. She believes a handmade object holds the power to transform into an autobiographical relic, family heirloom, and daily dose of intimacy.